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Detect breast cancer early and improve chances of recovery thanks to breast MRI

Time is an important factor when treating breast cancer. The sooner a malignant change is detected, the better the chances of recovery. Magnetic resonance imaging of the female breast (MR mammography, breast MRI) has now established itself as a gentle method for early detection of breast cancer.

Breast MRI – gentle and precise in the early detection of breast cancer

In breast MRI, the female breast is examined in an MRI scanner. An MRI functions without radiation. The breast is also hardly deformed during the examination. This makes this procedure for early breast cancer detection particularly gentle, meaning it can also be used on pregnant women. Tumours can be localised particularly well thanks to low deformation.

MR-Mammographie – schonend und präzise bei der Brustkrebsfrüherkennung

Bei der MR-Mammographie wird die weibliche Brust im Kernspintomographen (MRT) untersucht. Ein MRT arbeitet ohne Strahlung. Auch wird die Brust bei der Untersuchung kaum verformt. Somit ist dieses Verfahren zur Brustkrebsfrüherkennung besonders schonend und kann auch bei schwangeren Frauen eingesetzt werden. Durch die nur geringe Verformung können Tumoren besonders gut lokalisiert werden.

Breast MRI procedure

  • All metal objects must be removed prior to the examination.
  • Bras must also be removed.
  • A contrast agent is given intravenously during the examination.
  • You will lie on your stomach on the examination table. The breasts will hang in a recess, which prevents them from deforming.
  • You are connected to our staff at all times via intercom.
  • The examination takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Who carries the costs of the examination?

The costs for this examination are usually not covered by state health insurance. We are happy to advise you on the matter. Private health insurance covers the costs for breast cancer screening.