Radiologie Prien

Diagnostic radiology

X-ray exam: easy, quick and informative

An X-ray scan is considered the classic amongst medical imaging procedures. An X-ray exam is informative, quick and easy and can give first indications of disease, which can be confirmed further with other diagnostic procedures.

At Radiologie Prien, we use a modern form of the conventional X-ray: something known as digital X-ray. The X-ray radiation passing through the body is measured with an electronic sensor or image plate and then converted into digital signals. Incorrect exposures are thus eliminated.

The X-ray image is saved on the hard drive of a computer.

In der Radiologie Prien wenden wir die moderne Form des konventionellen Röntgens an, das sogenannte digitale Röntgen. Hierbei wird die durch den Körper tretende Röntgenstrahlung mit einem elektronischen Sensor oder einer Speicherfolie gemessen und anschließend in digitale Signale umgewandelt. Fehlbelichtungen werden somit ausgeschlossen.

Das Röntgenbild wird auf der Festplatte eines Computers gespeichert

Procedure of the examination in the magnetic resonance tomograph

Things to note with X-ray exams: